6 Things I Learned While Streaming Code on Twitch.

October 5, 2017

I have been streaming games on Twitch for about 2 months now, but never really felt like I could find my niche. I decided to move on from gaming and stream one of my other passions.

Web development has always been a passion of mine. I mainly work in PHP and C#, but also frontend languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I decided to launch a Twitch channel that was geared specifically for development and here is what I learned.

1. Always Be Talking

One of the major points I try to make when streaming web development is to always be talking. I like to explain what I’m doing and how or why I’m doing it. Explaining my thought process helps me develop better workflows and gives the viewer a doorway to interaction with me.

2. Engage Your Audience

A big part of streaming is engaging your audience. Making them feel welcome in your stream and showing them they are a part of it. The chat box on Twitch is a great way to interact vocally with your users. I check the chat box often during my streams to answer questions and comment on statements viewers are making.

It really opens you up to your audience and lets them know you want to engage with them as much as they want to engage with you.

3. Build a Community

A good way to build a community around your stream is to get your viewers to interact with each other. Lead the conversation in a way that viewers can comment to each other as well as comment to you.

I recently had a viewer who needed help with a CSS issue they were having. I brought their website up on stream and myself and the viewers went through the code. WIthin 2 minutes we were able to pinpoint the issue and tell the user how to fix it.

4. Keep It Clean

A major pain point in development is trying to read messy code. The same applies for a stream. Keep in mind that a viewer may go back and reference a previous video when they need help. Keeping your code clean and writing helpful comments is a great way to help expand your audience engagement when you are moving quickly or happen to be offline.

5. Accept Advice

A great way to learn is to accept and analyze the advice of others. On your stream as you pay attention to chat you may see a viewer offering help for a particular method you are stuck on. They also may be offering a better way to accomplish your goal.

Don’t just blow off feedback because its your stream and you want to be tough. Accept the advice and talk about it with your viewerbase. You may come to a collective understanding of something you don’t know. It may also help you and your viewers in the future solve a problem.

6. Have Fun!

Don’t worry too much. It’s about being yourself and having a good time.


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